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Our philosophy is to provide flexible training to work around your working schedule.

We prefer to offer workshops that will last no more than a day but in some cases 1-2 hours to give you tools for managing the situations in your company or organisation.

Training Topics

Handling Conflict  - Half Day

You will learn how to recognise conflict, when to deal with it and tools how to manage it effectively.

Dealing with demanding people  -  2 Hours

You will learn skills to recognise demanding people, how to handle demanding people and how to manage yourself with demanding people.

Getting the best out of my team - Half Day

If you lead or manage a team, getting the best out of them is vital. You will learn the importance of modelling what you expect, tools to empower your team and how to create a culture of honour within your team.

Conflict Resolution - 1 Day

This full day will cover the roots of conflict, how to embrace conflict and not avoid it, recognising conflict in different settings, the right time to deal with it, tools to manage conflict effectively.

Workplace Mediation Skills - Half Day

You will learn skills how to facilitate and mediate a workplace dispute between two parties. This training will involve role playing which will give you the confidence and tools to help improve and restore working relationships.

Working with volunteers - Half Day

If you are a charity or organisation working with volunteers this can bring up difficult situations. On this workshop you will learn how to manage volunteers, how to keep volunteers, the issues of paid staff working alongside volunteers, managing expectations, rewarding the volunteer without pay.

Tailor to your needs

It is possible to choose any of our training, then mix and match accordingly. We can offer to cover any of the topics in a timetable that suits you. Please call us to discuss.


We will come to your premises as it suits you.


Our aim is to provide you with excellent training at a highly competitive price. Please contact us to discuss your training requirements and we will be happy to provide you with an attractive no obligation quotation.

Please call:

Stewart Hanney on 01908 798123 or use our contact form.