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Conflict in the workplace is a reality we all have to live with. How we handle conflict when it arises can be the most challenging aspect to our relationships in the workplace.

Often we hope conflict will go away when the truth is it needs to be dealt with. Conflict does not resolve itself, it will require an action.

We offer coaching to help you with conflict resolution in specific situations in your company or organisation.

How Conflict Resolution Works

After the initial contact from yourselves, we would assess the situation and offer to meet up for a one off coaching session lasting no more than half a day in the first place. If further coaching or advice is required, we would agree that with you after the first session.  

The Benefits of Conflict Resolution for You

Conflict Resolution


Our aim is to help you progress your situation to a satisfactory conclusion. We will be happy to provide you with an attractive and competitive no obligation quotation.

To find out more please call:

Stewart Hanney on

01908 798123

or use our contact form

Conflict Resolution for Teams

If you have a team that has stopped functioning and needs to get working again then we can help.

Whatever the reason that a team has become dysfunctional, the impact can be far reaching for both the individuals involved and your company or organisation.

Please contact us to discuss where you need help to get your team(s) working well again.